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Welcome to Pleasant Valley Park

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It is Official!

Pleasant Valley Park is a PARK!

(and has been a Park
since August 7, 2002)

Trail Work continues at the Park!

Check out the Pleasant Valley Trailbuilders Google Group for more information about additional work days.

Stay involved with the trail building process by joining our Google Group:

Pleasant Valley Trailbuilders - A group of individuals dedicated to the planning and creation of new hiking and mountain biking trails at Pleasant Valley Park, in Murrysville, PA.

Major Trash Cleanup completed!

The 4-H Conservation Club, the Pleasant Valley Trailbuilders and 27 Volunteers from Alcoa spent Monday, September 30, cleaning up a large trash dump and fixing some wet areas on several trails.

The group of Volunteers from Alcoa were volunteering as part of an event called Alcoa Serve-a-Thon 2013 to celebrate the company's 125th anniversary and kick off its annual Month of Service. In partnership with Pittsburgh Cares, the Alcoa Serve-a-Thon featured 45 events staffed by nearly 800 Alcoa employees and retirees.

The group from Alcoa was split into two crews. The first crew worked to fix some wet areas on several trails, by putting down landscape fabric and crushed stone. The second crew worked with the 4-H Conservation Club to clean up a large trash dump of old rusty items.

old bike partThe trash crew removed an old water heater, stove, a whole lot of old rusty springs, several tires with and without rims, metal pipes, and a bunch of other rusty metal items. They bagged glass bottles, old carpet, wire and a lot of the smaller metal pieces. The most interesting piece of trash was a seat and piece of the frame of an old bike (picture on right).

After the group was done, they were surprised by the amount of trash that had been hauled out of the woods.

Trash Pile

After lunch the trash crew joined the trail crew and worked on another section of trail.

Eating Lunch 1 Eating Lunch 2 Eating Lunch 3 Eating Lunch 4 Working on Trail 1 Working on Trail 2 Working on Trail 3 Working on Trail 4

A lot of work was accomplished out at the park at the event with the help of the great volunteers from Alcoa. Special thanks to Amanda from Pittsburgh Cares for allowing us to be a work site for the Alcoa Serve-a-thon.

The 4-H Conservation Club cleans up trash at least twice a year out at Pleasant Valley Park as part of their adoption of the park through Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful (formerly called PA CleanWays).

The Pleasant Valley Trailbuilders do trail maintenance all year round and build trails in the park on a regular basis from the spring through the fall.

Both groups are always looking for additional volunteers, either to join the group, or to help with special events out at Pleasant Valley Park with other volunteer groups looking for a place to help make a difference in our community.

New TRAIL MAP is now available.

The MTA has finished work on a Trail Map for Pleasant Valley Park. Links to two PDF versions of the new maps are on our Park Location page.

Pleasant Valley Park's 262 acres of woodlands, open fields, hilltops and remote valleys provide excellent areas for many outdoor activities year round. Pleasant Valley Park also contains several miles of trails that are open for hiking and mountain biking. Anyone who enjoys being outdoors in a natural area, is likely to find something to like about Pleasant Valley Park.

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Five Geocaches are Hidden in Pleasant Valley Park:

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Note: There used to be another Geocache in the park - but it has since been Archived. You can still view the log for Perfect Pleasant Valley Park, however, the cache is no longer there.

Pleasant Valley Park is now on Flickr. Look at pictures of the park, make comments, or view as a slide show.

Send an Email to Pleasant Valley Park Volunteers using this email address: communications@pvpark.org

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